Ishraque Hossain was born on 5th April 1987 in a respected muslim family from Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completing his primary & secondary education from Scholastica School (GCSE Ordinary & Advanced levels), he travelled to the United Kingdom for higher education. Ishraque graduated in Mechanical Engineering BEng and Mechanical Engineering MSc from University of Hertfordshire based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

After masters graduation in 2011 he went on to work in some local automotive companies to gain experience until his return to Dhaka in 2015 to get involved in family businesses. Ishraque always aspired to get into Bangladesh’s politics and drew inspiration from his father Sadeque Hossain Khoka. A renowned freedom fighter, former Member of Parliament, cabinet Minister and former Mayor of undivided Dhaka, Ishraque’s father taught him to love his country & the people more than anything else.

In 2018 Ishraque was nominated by Bangladesh Nationalist Party as a primary candidate for Dhaka-6 constituency in the national elections.

His lifelong goal is to serve the country and the people using all the skills he have acquired during higher education. He is particularly interested in city planning, transportation systems and infrastructure development of Bangladesh. A firm believer of science, Ishraque wants to remove poverty & corruption, transform Bangladesh into a fully developed nation and a global super power in the future using technology.


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